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Guess what folks. It's like Saturday morning still.. and i've already done like a lot of stuff today! My normal sleeping in thing wasn't going on today. Last night at like 7, i picked up Brandon, and we got our stuff together and hiked up Mt. Nittany! It was totally cool..really steep though. Or i guess i just haven't hiked any trails in a while. There was a great view at the top and everything. and Tom and Toni had already hiked up a little earlier and gathered firewood for us and everything. So we got our campsite picked out..not without certain events though. First, while walking the trail between campsites. Tom pretty much got stung by this crazy flying bug that no one could see. And it was dusk, and getting darker all the time. Well after that we continued walking, then we decided to return to the previous campsite, and upon passing the same spot where Tom was stung, Toni got stung, and while his yell was still in the air, the freaking thing stuck me in the ankle, through sock and everything! About 10 seconds later, Toni yells again, and he's been hit in the back. We're like, this isn't good. It's totally dark and We're being attacked by invisible things, and they hurt pretty bad. and let's get out of here! So we managed to make it back to the campsite, and start lighting the fire. This we did with the use of one paper match. that's right folks. Totally experts. Well, we proceeded to have a splendid night eating chips and oreo's and drinking schwepes while just talking about stuff and singing some songs. Tom brought a guitar, and we all played some. We stayed up pretty late actually.. i don't know what time it was, but i think it was after midnight. and we used a lot of firewood. We were just sitting on one of the unzipped and spread out sleeping bags right next to the fire. That's how we "slept" too.. 4 guys laying next to each other on a sleeping bag with no covers and no pillows. My feet totally hung off the edge too.. so i had to keep digging little clean spots in the dirt for them. and needless to say they were gross in the morning, as was the rest of me. Me and Brandon gathered some more firewood after we got there too.. in the dark. It was pretty crazy hard. (trying out a new paragraph :))

So, after a restless night of unmentionable acts of trying to stay warm. Yes, it got very cold.. and yes, i got very close to Tom. getting up and stoking the fire many times during the night. We finally got up at about 6:30. ate some dunkin sticks, peed on the fire and hiked down the trail. It was a really great night. My first 'under the stars experience'. and there were plenty of stars out to help me enjoy it. Perfect weather. We got pretty friendly with a few daddly long legs too.. or they got friendly with us rather. This morning i've woken up and made a fire anew, broke camp, hiked down a mountain, had a shower, went out to breakfast with Brandon and Toni, Played raquetball with Brandon, had a frosty with him, and dropped him off at work all before 12:30! insanely productive day. I'm picking him up at 5 and we're going to spend the night at a friend of his' place some distance away, and go canoeing tonight or tomorrow. Laaater Chill friends.

boring stuff

Helloooo. People. people everywhere. you guys are so spread out right now. Soon to be drawn together by a common hatred. Umm, i've done some cool things this past week. Like, on Thursday night, i went out to play some ultimate frisbee with a couple of guys. and it turns out, that there were other guys on the field.. and we got a sweet game going with like 13 people. That rocked.. totally. Except for a minor detail. which is that i wore cleats.. but i guess i didn't tie them tight enough or that they suck wicked bad. Cause i got these freaking huge blisters on my feet. The second half of that game hurt. Well, after that, a few of use decided to go play some raquetball. Not a bad idea eh? so i go home and grab some running shoes that have actual padding, and tie them tight. and my other crap. then we go play. and it was sweet. afterwards, it was like 11:45.. so i was hungry. Frisbee started at 7, and of course you can't eat dinner before that. So i was like, hey Tom, how bout some taco-bell? and of course he was like heck yeah dude! So we hopped in our cars and drove over there. and the light was on, so we got out and walked up to the door. and noooo! they close at 11pm. what kind of crap is that?? grrr. well, Tom said there was this cool diner downtown that's 24hours. so we decided to walk there. and i had a sweet dinner of pancakes and eggs and the like. with stickies for desert. man, those things rock! Yeah, so dinner was good. Tom's a really cool guy too.. really mature, good-natured. Excellent spiritual walk.. it just shows. And he's studied a lot of theology issues, and stuff like that. So everytime i'm with him we just have these awesome conversations. And he has the exact same voice/laugh as my friend CJ who none of you guys know.. he was at Clemson my freshman year, then transferred. But, back to the story. When we got back to taco-bell our cars were both gone. and that kind of interupted our conversation mid-sentence. We knew they must have been towed. there was a sign, and so i called them up. and they confirmed. and told us we could come pick them up anytime.. How nice of them. Well, tom decided to wait to get his till the morning when they would charge $20 less. I wanted mine then.. so he offered to walk with me to the place. It was about closer than my apartment, and about as far away as Tom's. We got there around 1:30 and i paid and then I dropped off tom and went home. It kind of damped the night. However, we did have more good talk time on the way to the garage place. So that was good. Tom told me how as soon as he saw our cars were gone, he was reminded how he'd read in "Our Utmost for His Highest" that we should praise God in our circumstances.. not for them. And he was like, this is a perfect time to practice that. And we even came up with an analogy from the situation.. about how the world is ruled by 'justice' everything must be right, people must obey the laws. The system must be upheld. And if you don't, well here's an example of the punishment.. the lack of grace. And how in God's justice system, there's grace. A much better system, for us anyway. *sigh* yeah. well, it was still a good day. But then the weekend was wicked boring. i sat around a lot I picked up some tony hawk games for my xbox so i could play. and i took a wicked long nap friday afternoon/evening. Hmm, and pretty much ever since that nap i've either taken some nighttime medicine or nyquil to go to sleep at night. guess something's wrong with my routine. Sunday afternoon Daniel came over.. we hung out for a bit and then went to Adam and Chad's place. Had some cool pizza and stuff there. More frisbee Monday night. sweet again, this time with the running shoes though. those blister spots are still raw. Tuesday is more frisbee and then raquetball again after. And Tim is in between apartments and needed a place to stay. So he's at my place till thursday. and we've been hanging out and playing pool and stuff. man. this is a really boring journal entry. A big story. But my life has been getting more and more boring. Except for lunch yesterday. I went with a cool group of people to one of the dining halls here. we had a good time, and ate gross food of course. Well, there's bible study tonight at 7 i think. guess i'll be heading there soon. Soo, i'm gonna play a little th maybe? i don't know. later.

Total boredom reliever! LUcky you!

Well guys, by popular demand and update is in order. Apparently reading about my boredom relieves other people of their boredom. and so the boredom circle of life goes. But, i in fact do have a few things to say. I just haven't taken the time to say them in a while. Well work is going swell-ly. A new research project is in full swing and i get to be a part of it. and not only that, but I'm already getting some sweet results after only 2 weeks. We meet every Friday with the professor to discuss the progress and assess the analysis and assign new goals for the next week. ha Well, this project is almost guaranteed to be published in a paper, and it'll have my name on it. and that's as much as i could ask for from a summer REU. So i'm faoirly happy. In other news I need education on the proccess of 'borning'. (Inside joke.. sorry guys) Eric needs a new world to conquer since this one poses no challenge to him. Brittany has pretty much abandoned the sad boring summer life for event filled weeks of super fun with random people. Nicole and Lindsay my RI friends visitied this past weekend. They got in on Thursday night at 6:30 and left MOnday morning at 8:10. So it was a great visit. We did lots of fun things, and had lots of down time. But i totally enjoyed sharing my room with them. And lindsay will be a great driver of a manual transmission once she embraces the inner gas pedal and abandons her fear of the roll. and both of them looked wicked hott with their new sunburns they got on Saturday. Kati was a huge part of our weekend as me and Nicole used her to hedge our fighting words. Texting on phones was pretty much how decisions were made. For those of you who don't know my friend nicole, she cannot decide a thing. She absolutely refuses to. And so for her to tell me via a text message that she wants to go to wal-mart? well, that's just cause for rejoicing with a naked run through the mall. And don't get me wrong.. i'm sure the lack of decision making ability has some useful purposes. Like when you're trying to get or do umm or maybe if you want to hmm. Ah-ha! so, if you were in a hard place, like you couldn't pick between these two girls. well, a lack of decision making ability would simply lead you to keep them both! that'd be a good thing right? yeah, so it's a far stretch, but it's all i've got. well, i'm at the library right now, on my "lunch break". and i'm a bit hungry, so i wanna go eat some food. I had the burger place yesterday, so i think chinese is in order for today. I don't have any plans for this week or this weekend. so i hope you guys are up for lots of talking online. Tenatively me and Daniel are heading to philly again next weekend. I'll keep you posted. Goodbye people! Who wants to watch Finding Neverland with me? apparently i need to before something desireable can happen. SO of course i must do it! (I love this salutation..it's all mine too) Stalk ya later folks!
-Princess Chrissip
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stuff yo

Well, as you most likely have not noticed, I've not been too exceptional at consitantly updating my journal here. But, I was expecting Brittany to elaborate on our trip to philly, and all she did was to say she loved it. Which is great. but i think i'll copy the e-mail i wrote to my mother about it. That outta do.

Philly was a
lot of fun. We got there around 1ish Saturday. We met at Megan's apartment
and then we took the subway out to the city and just walked all around it.
We saw pretty much everything in Old City and Center City.. we walked
forever. We saw all the constitution stuff and independance hall and
liberty bell, and the Art Museum with the rocky steps, and The franklin
institute and some cool parks and some fountains that we could wade in to
cool off. Her grandparents are nice, and we talked to them for awhile
saturday night and one of her aunts was there. then sunday we went to the
neighboorhood pool for awhile and swam and sat in the chairs and we
brought a sandwhich lunch there. And after that we talked to the family
some more, and then took off back to Temple. We sat around the apartment
talking for while.. one of megan's friends val was there, so we hung. And
then around 6 we drove to pick up another of her friends Juliana and then
went downtown to eat at this famous Philly Cheese Steak place. And we
walked down by the port and stuff and it was a nice part of town. After
that it was kinda late.. around 9 when we got back to the apartment, so
brittany and becky left and i said goodbye and came back here. i had some
problems getting back.. needing to stop for toll money, and not knowing
which exit to take and stuff.. but it was alright. took about 4 hours to
get back.

Well, that was the trip.. and it was total good times. Maybe i'll take the time to put all the pictures that brittany sent me from Becky's camera up on my website. Captions and all.. which will really enhance the whole viewing experience i think.. not to mention help to memorialize the trip. Yeah, so work's been a bit slow this week. Except yesterday when the experiment me and Jian Wu did produced some very promising results. We'll have more time to perform detailed analysis next week. Oh! I found out today that i may have to give talks to 4th - 8th grade children next week at this camp that PSU is hosting. I'm not sure how that'll go. I'm not a good speaker, nor am i good with kids. I'll keep you posted. It's kind of sprinkling right now. And ultimate frisbee is planned for this afternoon at 7. This will be the first chance i've had to play! IF the rain holds off.. Dang stupid freaking hurricane remnants.

I feel like grabbing some dinner and OC while i wait anxiously for the weather to decide what it's going to do. Oh yeah! and this afternoon on the way home from work, i had my best burnout ever! I know you guys are excited about that.. i sure am. makes me happy. It was like 3 full seconds of squealing away from this stop sign. I'm totally getting better at this bad driving stuff. See you guys in jail!
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Oh man, it's been another while. Actually the week has been pretty boring. I've worked late most days.. and stayed in most nights. I'm nearly through watching the entire "The O.C." season for the second time since i've been here. I've watched a season of 24 too. Yeah, the boredom can get to you. But bible study wednesday night was cool. One of the students stepped up to lead it, since it was otherwise cancelled as the leader was out of town. And then last night i went bowling and played some pool at the alley wich a couple of friends from crusady/work. It was really fun, you guys probably all know i love some bowling and pool action. I had plans to play poker tonigh.. but most people cancelled, so there wasn't enough for the game. Therefore, i watched more OC andd.. then decided to go give spend some Chris - BMW time. I washed her up and then waxed her down, took awhile, and the sunlight faded on me. but i even had time to put on some nice chrome wheel polish. Then i drove her through downtown before filling up with gas in preperation for the morning's drive. So i'll feel special tomorrow. maybe i should have left it dirty though.. i'm about to go park it on the street in Philly.. it'll probably get stripped by some ghetto fools. But, now i'm finished watching some more OC and eating various granola bars and i had some peanuts too. A few sodas.. yeah, i'm still bored. I'll pack up later, then go to bed i guess!! Tomorrow i'm going to see Megan and Brittany!! Two of my most favorite girls! i'm totally excited. It's gonna be one swell of a weekend. Welll, I finished reading "A Wrinkle in Time" this week. It wasn't quite what i expected. I don't remember what i'd heard about it, I just remembered it was a book i'd always wanted to read. It was jv fiction, and a fairly good story. But nothing great. But at least i've satisfied that desire now. I'm still reading Mere Christianity, and Lewis still over explains everything, but i'm dealing with it. Oh yeah, This week at work i played with liquid Nitrogen for the first time ever. that was a good experience. I learned much about it, including that it is not nearly as dangerous as i had thought it was. We had good times splashing it on each other in the lab. which sounds childish i know. But physics really is about the basics.. so child-like is definately a quality you'll find in them. in some ways. I think i'm turning into something akin to a mad scientist.. which isn't necessarily bad. I stayed at work till after 6 today..Friday afternoon! what am i thinking. Mmmm, my new Ana Johnsson cd i bought is absolutely fantastic. I'd recomend it to all of you..totally. You'll find her lyrics made the song of the moment status on my profile for the moment. and i cannot wait until Dukes of Hazzard come out.. i mean, seann william scott and jessica simpson in a movie about daisy duke and General Lee?? it's gonna wicked funny, i'm sure of it. And simpson is going to be hott. no doubt about it. Ok, i know i'm shallow, but i'm honest. not to mention single.. so who cares! Hmmm I guess i'm gonna alleviate my boredom elsewhere for now. I've written enough! Bye ya'll!
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Funny Story

at work today i totally remember a story from like last week that i forgot to tell about!! It's really not that big of a story. but it's pretty funny.. at least i think so. Ok, so the layout of my office is that the room i'm in has desks along the right and left walls when you walk in and they are seperated by that cubicle material. My desk is the first on the left and the walkway down the middle is very narrow.. less than 2 feet. very tight quarters. ok, so Cofee sets in the next desk on the left. the middle one cause there are three on each side. and Jian Wu is in the middle on the right. they are back to back!! key point! ok now i can get on with the story! well.. the phone rings a lot. and it's a cordless phone. and the base is on my desk. well no one really likes to answer it.. we usually let it ring forever first. well one day, it was ringing.. but the phone wasn't in the base. so after awhile, Cofee get's up and comes over looking for the phone. he see's it's not there so he goes back and checks the other desks.. no one is moving from their work. Jian Wu is doing something on his computer. Cofee is pretty obviously looking for the phone. well he goes around the corner into the conference room to look for the phone, and as soon as he walks by me around the corner i hear Jian Wu say "Hello?" !! I look over and he's got the phone! and he talks on it for a second and then he hangs up and he puts it in his lap.. obviously where it was before. well as soon as he hangs up! Cofee comes back around the corner.. and looks bewildered and sits back in his desk!! Ok, this took a long time for a very simple story, but it was hilarious! Cofee walks out. .Jian Wu grabs it and says hello.. then hangs up as Cofee comes back!! Oh man! I hope someone laughs. cause i sure am.
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stay or leave - dave matthews

I kinda felt like putting some more stuff in here. It'll be random. so watch out! Ok, for starters, i don't have a parking permit for my apartment yet. I've been talking to the office, and the guy i paid, and all this. and i've been getting temp passes galore. but one ran out last friday, and the street is available on the weekends. So i parked there.. and i decided to leave it there sunday night. And so monday morning i got a nice parking ticket on the windshield. That was pretty un-cool. I spent a lot of time at the pool and in the sun this past weekend.. that was cool. at work today the professor decides he wants a dust cover built over one of the pieces of equipment. the table the thing is on is a 12 x 5 foot table. so it's gonna be pretty hefty. Me and tim got assigned the task. we ordered the metal for the frame today. It was really hot yesterday and i went for a sweet run, and then i didn't talk myself out of lifting those evil weights, thanks to kati.. so i felt really productive. I've started reading Mere Christianity. It's been interesting so far. He takes forever to make his points, over explaining everything and giving tons of reasons. but that's ok. Oh yeah, and i have too complaints. First off, the dumb stupid people that ride the bus here!! ugh! Ok, so you know how you pull the rope or push the button whatever to request a stop? yeah, well back at clemson people are civilized about it, and they push the button fairly close to where they want to stop, and the driver stops for them!! great system! But here! nooo. the idiot riders pull the rope while the bus is !!get this!! still stopped!! so the light is pretty much always on! you know what that means?? that means that the driver isn't going to stop till the next designated stop on his route, which is where he would have stopped anyways!! soo, that makes the stop requester ABSOLUTELY USELESS!! USELESS!! oh my gosh, this is so dumb, and yet it makes me mad! oh boy. ok, complaint number two. ALLLL physicists use "guy" as common termanology for whatever they are talking about.. "this guy goes here", "I want to get rid of this guy" blah blah. you get the point. Well, my first physics lab ta at clemson said this kind of stuff and i hated it! and now i find that physicists everywhere say it!! I SHALL NOT EVER CONFORM AND SAY "THIS GUY!" it drives me mad! call it a thing, an it! anything but a freaking 'guy'!! wow. i'm going.

A brithday

Well, Today is by dad's birthday. It's not like he knows about this thing, or would read it if he did. but for some reason.. here i am. So Happy Birthday Mr. Mart. He's the big 44 today. Poor fellow.. what an oldie. Later life forms.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Guess what! I totally went to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith tonight! I absolutely loved it. Jolie had it going on.. Pitt was working it.. It had the laughs.. the action. what a movie. a completely light-hearted, shallow, run-of-the-mill, cheesy plot, but still a wonderful experience, movie! and they totally sported my car in it too! i was like, heck yeah! represent! Oh boy.

Today was a great saturday. I woke up and had some chicken whopper action from the bk. then Daniel came over and i put my laundry in and we chilled out by the pool with all the pretty girls. the sun was out.. it was hot, the water was nice. what an afternoon. then i hung out and was bored stiff for awhile, till me and daniel decided to hit the local Smoothie King! mmm, excellent. then we chilled and tossed some disc in the wooded park and decided on pizza-hut for dinner.. then went to barnes and noble to chill for awhile till it was time for movie! and i still have a day of weekend left! yesss. Church tomorrow, then we're gonna go to the library and grab "Mere Christianity" and "The Brothers Karamazov" we're gonna read and switch. see what they have to offer. should be good.

Well guys, this is it.
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Hey guys, i just wanted to let you all know that it was Monday today. I've got some work stuff to say. Like, today was the day my boss got back from his trip to China, so i finally met him. It wasn't too bad. He's got this wack haircut from like the 50's.. where the sides are shaved nad he's got the comb-over on thop of that.. crazy stuff. Also, he has a self-admitted pen fettish. He wanted to have a meeting to see what people were working on. so at 11am we all gather around the conference table. and he proceeds to pull out this pen. He said he got it in China for 2 dollars. It's a Mont Blanc conterfeit. He's like, i couldn't pass it up! and so, he takes it apart to show us that the refills are real. and then the spring falls out and he trys to put it back in, but he jams something. and then the tip comes out of the refil and ink is spilling all over the place! now it's on the table and his hands are covered in it, and next thing you know he's crying over his poor broken mont blanc and someone throws him a bic. then we get on with our meeting. But this took like 10 minutes! cause he was telling the haggling stories and everything in the mean time. Funny stuff!

Oh boy, i also went to the library today and took some time to look up graduate schools. I don't really know who's good for my field. I want a top of the line grad school for my PhD. I came across University of Rochester. They have this cool BioPhysics doctorate. They looked pretty prestigious too.. i'm gonna check them out some more.

Also, today i went for my first run since i've been here. I've been hesitant to run, because i really don't like running on roads and stufff.. i like a track. in a gym. but i drove out this route, and it goes through a neighboorhood.. so it was cool. then i jogged it, and it wasn't bad! roads and all! and i felt sooooo good during and after. I am missing physical activity like crazy. I just wanna go throw a frisbee.. i wish someone would catch it and throw it back. I'd love them.

I drank some NyQuil about a half hour ago. I had this headache and i was too lazy to go buy some Tylenol or something. So i took this stuff that i had. I'm about to pass out. My tongue is getting dry and my head is sooo heavy. I'm gonna sleep great. i just hope i don't over sleep!!

goodnight for now, stay cool and remember: ... nyquil makes you sleepy
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